New Podcast, Turning Fear into Joy! #FOMOfanz

Turning F.O.M.O into J.O.M.O.

After spending this past year working with clients and my community on embracing their own F.O.M.O or Fear Of Missing Out. I came to the realization I was approaching the Fear Of Missing Out the wrong way.

The fear of change is scary, not to mention the rapid pace of today’s digital world makes finding time to identify, understand, and apply new technologies and strategies to your business difficult. I am here to help! No longer will you fear missing out, the unknown, and what you don’t know.

I decided rather than helping people embrace F.O.M.O. I would help remove the fear people have felt not knowing and cure their F.O.M.O. FOMOfanz consists of a podcast and a weekly newsletter:

FOMOfanz Podcast

As part one of this new focus I have launched FOMOfanz podcast. I was incredibly thankful to have 15K+ people tune in to help celebrate my inaugural solo podcast and watch me record episode 001 on live video.  You can subscribe to the podcast on all the podcast players including those listed below.


Weekly Email Newsletter:

As many of you know I’ve struggled with launching an email newsletter project mainly because I HATE EMAIL.  Part two of this new project is to send a weekly email newsletter that includes my thoughts on current technology and social news and a roundup of 3 – 5 articles that I feel will help alleviate your fear of missing/not knowing. 

This is going to be a fun journey and I hope you’ll join me, cause I fear you’d miss out! – Thanks Brian