The Millennial Mindset In Digital Banking

Disruption and transformation are happening in every industry at a speed not even the smartest futurists could have predicted.  This digital transformation combined with an empowered connect consumer is forcing many industries that have been slow to innovate to either speed up and embrace change or become the next blockbuster.

I sat down with Aspire Systems to discuss how the “millennial mindset” of today’s digital banking customers will impact the banking industry of the future and why I believe the financial is at an advantage when it comes to innovation and how if done correctly can truly transform the digital banking experiences we have today.

The digital connected customer in banking has more power than ever before! Raghu, Director of Marketing interviews Brian Fanzo, CEO iSocialFanz. Brian explains how digital banks can create on demand customer experience for Millennials to gain loyalty with customer retention strategies, customer engagement strategies, customer experience management and mobile banking.

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