Man Was I Wrong – The Snapchatters Podcast Ep 14

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 4.44.32 PMI was recently asked by BradO aka @NextGenBizMan to be on his podcast The Snapchatters Podcast episode #14.  If you would have asked me 6 months ago if I would have anything to say on a “Snapchat podcast” I’d laughed….  But as someone studying Snapchat these last 11 months and following most of the previous guests of this podcast, I had a great time on the show. Check it out make sure you subscribe where ever you like to listen to podcasts!

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Show Notes:

Brian Fanzo is looking his “fanz” in their “digital eyeballs” through Snapchat, and here in episode 14, we discover how his journey through the app has changed since he first found it in 2014.

I’ve been a “Fanzo-FanBoy” for quite sometime now, following him through nearly all the other social platforms to date. He’s a world renowned keynote speaker on the topic of digital transformation and a “change evangelist” for live streaming, he’s been featured on several other podcasts and even hosts his own (look up SMACtalk on iTunes, you’ll learn a ton!) Brian’s true passion inside all of that notoriety is his community, where he is incredibly engaged and activity listens to them.

Give Brian a follow on Snapchat, and reach out to him, tell him you heard him on the Snapchatters Podcast- he’ll respond! He’s awesome!

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