Why Live Video Isn’t About The Platform


All these experts talking about platforms & silly crap like: Instagram will kill off Snapchat don’t know crap! 

It’s time we start talking about WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE.. before we focus on the platform or app..
This was recorded on live video app Periscope where I did a 17min scope focused on why I was excited about Instagram stories rolling out live video.
In this video I focused on why it’s wrong to focus on Facebook Live vs Periscope vs YouTube because they aren’t thinking about the audience, the features and ultimately what success looks like.
You’ll also hear me talk about how I create my live video strategies and how I breakdown social video apps vs live video apps. I also share my lessons learned from being blinded by my love for a platform known as meerkat when I should have been focused more on the community I was growing that just happened to be using that platform at the time.
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