Equipment Needed to Live Stream on Facebook Live like a Pro!

Mobile live streaming is amazing because anyone can go live, but that also means there’s lots of bad live video because anyone can go live.  I don’t believe in using gear as an excuse to not go live but it does help increase the quality of your live feed and makes for a better experience for your viewers.  Whether its Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live,, YouNow, Busker or another phone based live streaming app the 4 main areas you must focus on when it comes to gear are: Audio, Power, Lenses and Tripods/Mounts.

As part of my #BeYourself course, I’m breaking down everything around live video and I decided to broadcast this module about live video gear on Facebook Live & Periscope.  Below you can watch the entire 40 min Facebook live video recording that includes some tips and tricks on what you need for live video and the live Q & A with the live audience at the end.  I also cut the video up into two parts if you want to get right to the gear.  All the links are my affiliate amazon links to the exact gear that I showed on the video.

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Facebook Live: (Full 40 min Stream)

Part 1: Audio Gear:

Part 2: Power, Lenses and Tripod Mounts

I broke down the links into the 4 main categories of gear discussed on the videos above.

Podcasting gear two microphones Audio:


Olloclip on iPhone and Olloclip GimbleLens/Cases:


Standing Desk by Autonomous AI:

The SmartDesk 2 that I have is $299.00 and is motorized with programmable settings! 

Bonus: DotLive Domain go to

Additional Links:

My Home Office Video Studio Setup:

Programmable Motorized Stand-Up Desk


This desk is my favorite piece of equipment in my home office as its programmable, sturdy, large enough for two monitors and looks great!

The SmartDesk 2 is the one have and it’s only $299.00

More Gear Below

My travel Kit as a speaker and geek: 

Software Speakers Must Have

Hit this while keynote is loaded to scrub any programs running in the background that might use memory resources:

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