Why Live Streaming Being A Hot Mess is a Good Thing

RIPBlabThe live streaming space has been one fueled by chaos and change over these last 18 months.  Even what we call apps like Periscope, Busker, YouNow & Facebook Live compared to services offered by Ustream or Livestream.com has been fueled with confusion.  Then news of apps like Meerkat, Blab and even Google Hangouts shutting down, there is no question things are in constant chaos in the mobile live streaming industry.

With this in mind I took to periscope to share my thoughts on the chaos and HOT MESS that is the live video space today and why I’m fueled and excited by these possibilities and more…

I also answered some of the more popular questions that I get on a daily basis:

  • What are my thoughts on Facebook Live dual broadcasting?
  • Will Periscope eventually be killed off by Facebook Live?
  • What will the live streaming space look like in 5 years?
  • What is my favorite new live streaming app?
  • What are my thoughts on YouNow?
  • Where does Busker (live video tipping app) fit in the creators live video portfolio?
  • My thoughts on Blab.IM and Google Hangouts Live closing their doors?

If you find this type of Ask Me Anything format valuable I would love for you to send me a tweet and let me know and also make sure you’re following me on Periscope as I’ve made it a point to on periscope when I have a strategy and something of value to share!

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