Why You Should Go All-In On Linkedin Video

I’m super bullish on Linkedin Video and the first 30 Linkedin video’s I’ve posted natively have returned amazing results. (60% views coming outside of my 1st connections and average video pushing 1k views, see screenshot below)

Native video on linkedin is a new feature as Linkedin originally rolled out video for mobile uploading only but just last week they started allowing upload from the desktop which should simplify the process but also add more produced videos being uploaded compared to the current trend of mobile created videos only.

I believe Linkedin Video will change the platform from a “What you’ve done or do network to a Who I am, Why I do what I do and How I can help others!”

Watch here as I explain why I’m bullish on Linkedin Video and what it takes to create a killer linkedin video! You can watch the linkedin video version by clicking here.

For many they believe they need be formally trained or an expert in video, I wasn’t trained in broadcasting or video as I’m a computer science major that worked in cyber security, cloud computing and not enterprise B2B technology. I found my love for video when live video exploded not only leveraging live video to grow my community but using it as my number 1 lead generation tool for growing my speaker business. Below are some more examples of the Linkedin videos I’ve posted.

Examples & Other ways I’ve been testing Linkedin Video:

Interview clips: 

linkedin video interview with Jon Flaxman

Creative Brand Content: (Made with Snapchat Spectacles for Clear.Me)

Creative use of Linkedin Video

Podcast Video Clips with link to full episode:

Linkedin Video Podcast Video Clips with link to full episode:

See additional examples on my original post on Linkedin Publisher here.

Also loving the Linkedin Data:

The Video I posted a week+ plus ago got 100 more views today and look at the amount of 2nd connections that video! #LinkedinVideoWinning

What are your thoughts on Linkedin Video? Let me know by clicking here and commenting on the Linkedin Video post about this topic!