Why I’m using the new Instagram 60 second video feature!

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 6.32.06 PMAs a Change Evangelist and Millennial Keynote Speaker I’ve always embraced change and new platforms but not until March of 2015 did I decide to focus in on one type of content. What happened March of 2015, Meerkat came out, then Periscope, then I keynoted the Periscope Summit in NYC, helped run the largest social live streaming campaign with Applebees called #TasteTheChange then teamed up with @Ryan_A_Bell the founder of the Periscope Summit to form Backlamp LLC helping brands embrace “Social Video” for employee advocacy, brand storytelling, influencer marketing & amplification of events.

What the HELL does that have to do with Instagram?

As I said I’m an early adopter on just about every platform and strongly believe you don’t have to hate one social network to prove that you like another, rather you just have to have a strategy that embraces and leverages the best features & type of audience on that platform.

Instagram has been a funny one for me as I used it for sharing my pictures on social and providing a visual content catalog of my days. (usually uploading 5 days a week)

Over this past year I’ve 100% bought in on the power of your DIGITAL EYEBALLS to tell stories and prove authenticity…. so when I heard Instagram was moving the maximum video time to 60 seconds, I thought, it’s time for me to test out the power of the DIGITAL EYEBALLS on Instagram.

So I launched a daily show called #iSocialTalks where I will share a Tip, Tool, Trick or Insight daily in what I like to call “Tweetable or Instable” style, allowing people to easily consume, gain insights and hopefully engage with me based on that days topic.

After 7 days….. It’s Too Early to Compare the views to Snapchat

If you follow me on social media you know that I’m currently having a blast on Snapchat with results I would have never expected and my passion for that platform is only growing each day. So although I’m averaging 200 views per view on Instagram with over 8.5k followers, it’s too early for me to compare or even determine if this is worth my time.

I’ve decided to do 30 straight days of iSocialTalks and then assess if it’s worth my time and how I can compare the data.

Comment & let me know your thoughts on my first 7 days of #iSocialTalks

I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram and turn on notifications so you don’t miss an episode! Below you’ll find the first 7 days worth of videos for your enjoyment.

SUPER EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE MY NEW SERIES!!! Episode 1 of #iSocialTalks my new daily video blog on #Instagram providing you 60 seconds of TALK FAST video content leveraging my #DigitalEyeballs answering your questions and comments ultimately giving you a home for quick “tweetables sized” takeaways on everything from technology, social media, speaking, entrepreneurship and anything else you want to talk about. So do me a favor turn on my Instagram notifications, I promise no more than 2 posts a day on average, that way you’re notified when I post and leave a comment below or on any of the daily instagram videos and it might just be the focus of a future episode!  Thanks for supporting, commenting and sharing!  Fun times ahead with: #iSocialTalks

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Bridging Your Audience! #iSocialTalks Episode 2 On this episode I share my thoughts on building a community not just followers so that when you jump on new apps or social networks your community follows you! I’m live in Kearny Nebraska today as the headline keynote at #MarkeTech Conference where I’ll be talking about the power of social video & the importance of leveraging your digital eyeballs to stand out from the noise! You can watch the entire keynote on my periscope at http://isocialfanz.live Hope you enjoyed episode 2 of my new daily video series here in Instagram… Feel free to ask a question or comment below and it might just be featured in a future episode and if you know of someone who might find this content valuable make sure to tag them and ask them to turn on Instagram notifications so they won’t miss a show! Thanks again! #ShowUcare #ThinkLikeAFan

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FOMO FRIDAY: RelayThat.com #iSocialTalks Episode 4 Every Friday I’ll be sharing a tool, app or hack that you might be missing out on. That way you shouldn’t feel the need to chase every shiny object but still stay in the know thanks to my suffering with the FEAR OF MISSING OUT! Today’s tools is www.relaythat.com as its a great easy to use tool that allows you to design graphics without being a designer… I use other tools like Canva & Adobe Post but RelayThat is my go to when I need a quick & clean layout and want to design something for posting on multiple networks! It was also founded by a great guy @thecraigcarpenter who is innovating and pushing the features of this tool daily! So check it out and let him know I sent you! Also if there are tools or apps you’d like me to feature in future episodes please let me know! #ThinkLikeAFan #socialmedia #smm #graphics #design #RelayThat #Blogging #Content #snapchat #Twitter #tools #apps #FOMO #FOMOfriday

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Stop collaborate and listen! #iSocialTalks Ep. 7 I firmly believe that the future of Innovation is collaboration, and that scares many people and many people think collaboration is hard. I would actually argue the opposite, that there is no easier or better way to create content to bridge communities to really do great things thank working with others in your industry, in your line of work and in your life. So on this episode I challenge you to think of your competition or those in your industry not as competition rather collaboration opportunities! I’m excited for upcoming collaboration opportunities I have planned with YouTube masters & friends: @sunnylenarduzzi @schmittastic & @dottotech to name a few… @Who in your space are you collaborating with?? Tag them below and let’s get our Vanilla Ice on!! #collaboration #teamwork #innovation #youtube #youtuber #vlog #vlogger #video #socbiz #socialbusiness #videomarketing #instavideo #instagramvideo #thinklikeafan

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How do you know if a platform or social network is right for you or if the new features will be a valuable resource for you and/or your business without kicking the tires yourself? Join me & #ThinkLikeAFan and leverage those Digital Eyeballs on Instagram V

How do you know if a platform or social network is right for you or if the new features will be a valuable resource for you and/or your business without kicking the tires yourself? Join me & #ThinkLikeAFan and leverage those Digital Eyeballs on Instagram Video!

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