How I’d Save Twitter If I Was Hired as CEO!

IMG_0207I love twitter as it has changed my life both professionally and personally. But I believe that they are lost in a fight to satisfy Wall Street, decide if they want to be more Facebook than Twitter and they’ve become too disconnected from the user community they hope to serve.

This week @Jack was added as CEO which I loved to hear and then they released a new feature called Moments that improves content discovery and content trends within Twitter. With all that being said I’ve half jokingly said for months that I felt I would make a great Twitter CEO as I’m a guy with a technology background, power user of twitter, experience implementing change in enterprise companies as well as startups and most of all….

I LOVE and believe in the power of twitter to change the world!

Here is the Periscope Video I did today breaking down each of the things I would fix if I was given the job of Twitter CEO or even Periscope Evangelist.

(Periscope Video available here till Wed Oct 6th, If Expired Watch Below!)

Here is a list of what I discussed at a high level!

Twitter Isn’t Facebook

Facebook is a Network

Twitter is an Open Fire Hose of Communities

Twitter Training:

Focus on the Twitter Learning Curve for Newbie to Power User

Twitter Employee Advocacy

Train the Trainer Certification Course

Twitter KISS

Simplify the Twitter UI

Integrate Twitter 3rd Party Tools

Twitter Paid

Twitter Customer Service

Twitter Data + Social Listening

Twitter Advocates & Event Amplification

Offline Events Need Twitter Visibility

Twitter Video + Periscope

Globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019

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