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We made it, halfway to 100 which is kind of like celebrating a half birthday which my daughters love to do and I decided to do on this episode 50.  On this episode I shared my favorite growth hacking apps and tools for consuming, curating & sharing content as well as the places I’m spending my time focusing on like Linkedin, AR/VR and artificial intelligence…

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Connecting Great People with Great People to do Great Things! Inspiration for my new segment that will be titled “Know more than your friends!”

Focus of this episode:

  • Why I numbered my podcast with 3 digits and my commitment to you the listeners.
  • I live stream my podcast on Facebook Live, Periscope and syndicate it to C-Suite Tv, why and what value does that provide my sponsors and me as a podcast host.
  • You don’t need permission to take action
  • Consuming, learning and being in the know is important but don’t let it become what prevents you from taking action on what you’ve learned or know.  I share my story of how this crushed me when launching my first podcast SMACtalk 4 years ago.
  • Also announced a new featured addition to the FOMOFanz podcast called “Know more than your friends” which will debut this month!
    • Have a suggestion for my “Know more than your friends” segments where I’ll interview 2 to 3 experts on certain topics make sure to email me with who you’d love to hear from or maybe what topics you’d love to hear debated at

FOMOfanz Podcast on Amazon Alexa5 Tools/Apps/Networks I use to consume my news to embrace my FOMO

  1. Alexa – Amazon Echo “Flash Briefing”
    1. You can add FOMOFanz to your daily news brief here! “Cure Your Digital Marketing FOMO! FOMOFanz Flash Briefing”
    2. My favorite news brief subscriptions: Daily Tech Headlines, Reuters Now, NPR Hourly News, ESPN Flash Brief, Cheddar, Gary Vee 365 and Mic.
  2. Twitter Moments
  3. Flipboard – Digital magazine for consuming content I care about
    1. Subscribe to my Flipboard and let me do the curating work for you here!
  4. Linkedin
    1. Bullish on Linkedin, finding massive business value and great for consuming news that matters to my targeted community.
    2. Loving Linkedin Video, Here is a link to the video I mentioned on this episode!
  5. Facebook
    1. I think of Facebook as 3 different networks: News Feed, Messenger & Groups.

Other Links mentioned in the show:

Michael O’Neal host of Solohour Podcast and the Episode I was on this month with Michael that was an awesome 90 mins of insightful conversations.  Listen here

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Caleb Maddix Episode 0023

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SMACtalk Podcast cohosted with Daniel Newman

Watch the video of this episode syndicated to C-Suite Tv.

I know on this episode I use the phrase “Take this one piece of advice” 10 times but I hope you can tell I was fired up and wanted to bring you as much value as I could and share all of my secrets for staying productive while embracing FOMO.  

As always, you can listen to the show on any of the podcast apps and make sure to follow the host Brian Fanzo better known as@iSocialFanz on both Facebook Live & Periscope so you can watch the shows LIVE each week.