Future Of Work: Digital Niche or Generalist?

Niche vs Generalist, the debate that seems to pop-up yearly inspired Daniel and Brian to take a very personal and transparent look at their own careers as millennials. Although they both think of themselves as generalists they found success in unique focused pivots which could be viewed as them finding their niche.

Sit back and enjoy as Daniel and Brian hold nothing back sharing in detail their successes as well as lessons learned both as employees of brands and entrepreneurs.  

Daniel shares his most successful pivot, going all in on digital transformation with his book Building Dragons and making it the staple of his speaking and online content.
Brian explains the motivation for his Facebook post which blew up this week and why most companies that reached out to hire Brian in 2017 wanted a generalist or evangelist but the company culture and leadership wasn’t of the mindset to make that type of role successful.

Questions asked and debated on this episode:

  • If you have a niche does it make sense to ever pivot to becoming a generalist?
  • When labeled something like “A Marketer” how do you change that?
  • Why generalists must be able to answer the question “What value/problem do you solve?”
  • Can a successful entrepreneur find a home within a brand or company in 2017?
  • What do companies need to do to set themselves up to hire a generalist?
  • Solopreneur vs Entrepreneur – What must a generalist do to be successful as each?

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Niche vs Generalist Facebook post by Brian: https://www.facebook.com/bfanzo/posts/10159083771455405?pnref=story

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