Future of Experience Business! #SMACtalk LIVE at #Adobesummit

SMACtalk has been taken on the road around the world in some of the coolest venue’s and technology events but episode 74 is without question the coolest experience yet!
Hosts Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo are working with the Adobe Insiders team at the Adobe Summit event in Las Vegas.  For this episode the Adobe team let them jump in a giant glass box with a full production team referred to as the Think Tank.

On this episode Daniel and Brian breakdown a wide range of trends including some hot topics that are being discussed at the Adobe Summit including:

  • What is an Experience Business?
  • What is the future of Design, Delivery and Data?
  • Do we need marketers anymore if everyone in the company are responsible for creating experiences?
  • What is the role of privacy today and is privacy something that actually exists.
  • What role does Trust play with new technologies such as Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing.

You can watch the live stream of the recording here:

*Adobe is a sponsor of SMACtalk Podcast and both Brian and Daniel were paid to attend AdobeSummit but opinions are their own.