Data Blitz, Amazon Go and the NFL Disrupt Customer Experience!

Disruption and change are exciting if you’re able to understand the key elements of change and what new opportunities are now going to be possible.  On this episode of FOMO Fanz I discuss change and innovation news shared by two big brands, Amazon and NFL.  While many will focus on the jobs it will eliminate or the disruption these changes will cause, I believe the true focus is on the value of data and its impact on the customer experience. 

Listen to episode 003 here and then check out the video below about the Amazon Go new retail stores and read the blog and policy changes that the NFL are embracing only 7 weeks after implementing a very regulated social media lockdown.

Show Notes for FF003: Data Blitz, Amazon Go and the NFL Disrupt Customer Experience with Focus on Data! 

  • I discuss the Amazon Go experience and the new data that will now be available for Amazon.
    • Amazon gathering data and being able to answer questions that we wouldn’t have ever thought to ask.
    • Some are claiming this is thescreen-shot-2016-12-06-at-8-05-57-am start of robots eliminating human jobs.  I come at it from a different approach and give some examples of jobs and roles that humans will now be able to perform that today we’ve never imagined.
  • I give kudos to the NFL for overhauling their social media policy just 7 weeks after the last change because most brands, including the NFL over the years wouldn’t change policies or rules but once or twice a year even if the current policy or plan wasn’t working.
  • Quotes from the Nscreen-shot-2016-12-05-at-5-11-20-pmFL change that stood out to me:Teams were previously not permitted to create and post their own GIFs during a game, period. Under the new policy, they can now make and post their own GIFs of fans, cheerleaders, mascots, Madden video game graphics, and touchdown dances—basically anything other than live game plays from on the field.
    • We are consistent with objectives we have discussed with Clubs, including growing League and Club presences on social media, and evolving our national and local model while best positioning the NFL for long-term success.
    • This latest update to our social media policy is the fourth such change over the last 18 months and reflects improvements based on the feedback we got from working with the 32 clubs on how best to serve their fans.
    • Sunday’s afternoon game between the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers rated an average 17.8, the best rating of any game since Week 1.

These two examples were very interesting for me as the NFL is changing based on data such as decreasing viewership as well as team social media managers giving feedback that they’ll never be able to reach the goals they’ve been giving with the current regulations.  While the Amazon change is focused on the data they were able to gain thru ecommerce consumers and designing a store and experience to provide that same data from their offline customers.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re changing based on current data or your desire to have data you’ve never been able to capture.  Data without question is the currency and motivation for Amazon and the NFL, and should be a key driver for your business and brand with all change opportunities of the future.

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