Empowering Employee Advocates: Best Social Media Investment!

hootchatEmployee Advocacy I believe is the single greatest investment every brand can make with social media….

I was invited by the team at Hootsuite to be a guest on their twitter chat #Hootchat to discuss Employee Advocacy as they just recently released a new tool called Hootsuite Amplify that helps brands amplify and share employee content.  I’m a big fan of hootsuite so it was an honor to be the guest on the chat this week.  Search #HootChat on Twitter to see the amazing conversations that happened during the one hour chat or visit the Hootsuite Tumblr page here! 

Who Can Benefit From Employee Advocacy?  EVERYONE!

I don’t believe there is an industry, brand or business that couldn’t find value in employee advocacy… That might surprise you but I hope you take sometime and watch my 25 minute periscope below where I explain, how, why and where employee advocacy ads value! Below is also a link to some of my content I’ve created on this topic as well.

You can watch on Katch which will include the comments from the live Periscope audience or watch the youtube video below to watch without comments!  https://katch.me/iSocialFanz/v/814115ce-72e2-3371-9632-abcf3cc991a0

Additional Content I’ve written on Employee Advocacy:

Below is my Flipboard of all the content I’ve found on Employee Advocacy, Influencer Marketing & Social Business:

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