Digital Innovation #INNOcon Interview: Melanie Deziel and Nick Cicero

Sometimes I  have to pinch myself when it comes to the events, people and experiences I get access too on a daily basis.  This week I got to interview two billionaires, get access to an embargoed Nasa project and interview two of the speakers for the upcoming Innovation Congress Event.  

Below you’ll find some of the amazing speakers and topics that will be discussed at the event and to promote the event I took over the Social Fresh Facebook page to interview two of the speakers:  

  • Melanie Deziel a Native Ad Consultant & Brand Storytelling Speaker who’s previous worked with New York Times, TimeInc and Huffington Post to name a few
  • Nick Cicero CEO/Founder @Delmondo, created the 1st video analytics for Snapchat and Facebook Live who previously worked with WeAreBrave, Live Fyre and Expion.

I moderated this discussion and we covered a wide range of topics from digital advertising, future of video, live streaming, augmented and virtual reality as well as an in depth discussion on how a mortuary could leverage digital storytelling and video.  This discussion was so much fun and had so many insights I thought it had to be shared with on the blog as well as uploaded as a podcast episode on FOMOFanz.

You can watch the interview below or if you’d rather just listen, you can do so on my podcast FOMOFanz below as well:

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Also the team at Innovation Congress is offering $200 off the ticket price and free access to the workshops happening on July 18th if you use this link here:

More about Innovation Congress:

Innovation Congress is the first event of it’s kind happening in NYC July 18-19th founded by Jeremy Goldman, Nicole D’Alonzo, Jason Keath and Amelia Tran.  The event is bringing together some of the most innovative minds in the world and is combination product of the Firebrand Group and Social Fresh team.

Innovation Congress by Social Fresh, in special partnership with Firebrand Group, is July 18-19 at The New School in NYC. The conference is focused on helping businesses stay ahead of their competitors in the next 3-5 years. We want to help companies learn how to use the disruptive technologies driving innovation today before someone else uses them to disrupt their industry. This will include discussions on digital trends, tech innovations, and organizational change. Oh yeah, and it’s at this rad theatre venue at the New School called Tishman Auditorium. They have robotic cameras!

Sessions will cover Augmented Reality, Audio Content Trends and Technology, Virtual Reality, Influencer Marketing, Automation and Chatbots, The Evolution of Ideation, The Future of Talent, 360 Video, The Future of Media + Content, Artificial Intelligence, Live Video, Apps, Video Ads, Understanding the Social “Story” Trend, Internet of Things, Crowd Technologies and the Sharing Economy, and more. Basically all the buzzwords. But with extra substance and actionability.

Hope to see you there!