The Cure For Your Instagram Stories FOMO

FullSizeRender IMG_06272016 has been an amazing year for those of us with a Fear Of Missing Out mindset as the changes, new apps and innovative new tools for us to play with seem to pop up almost daily.  Most everyone knows the story of Facebook trying to buy Snapchat for billions and being turned down and since then Snapchat’s growth has been impressive while I don’t believe it hurt Facebook we’ve been waiting for the Facebook/Instagram counter punch..

Enter Instagram Stories or InstaSnaps or Snapchatagram as many on twitter were calling it.

Like most with FOMO we read, we tested, we watched and then we created content around this massive change rolled out by instagram.  Below are a couple pieces of content I created around this new functionality as well as some links to content some of my trusted FOMO content creators have made over the last 24 hours since the news broke!

12 Min Periscope from Chicago Riverwalk on what I loved, what I was disappointed by and some use cases I see for Instagram Stories!

Quick 1 min spark animated video on what I believe the trust focus should be as we compare and analyze both Instagram and Snapchat 


Checkout this “HOW TO” guide from Carlos Gil:

  How to use Instagram Stories for your business by Erica Blair

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.20.31 AM

As with any new feature, time will tell on it’s true value but I hope you find some value in this FOMO curated list of resources and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat and well all social media platforms under the handle: iSOCIALFANZ.

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