Why TOO Much Content Is Worse Than NO Content At All

With so many channels and so much content being created daily by brands, entrepreneurs and creators, is adding to the content noise even worth it for brands in 2017?  I tackle this question and share my key changes that must be embraced and understood to succeed with content marketing in this digital on-demand content overload world we live in.

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Content Marketing Musts:

  • Consumer Respect
  • Define Creator Success
  • Know where your customer is and their behaviors for consuming content!
  • Field of Dreams Amplification Game is Over, bring content to your community
  • Influencer Trust and Importance of User Behavior Shift!
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With Content Marketing World happening in Ohio this week I thought it was the perfect time to answer some of the most popular questions I hear around content marketing?

  1. Why do you want to create content?  If you can’t answer this don’t move on to what platform you want to use?
  2. What does success of your content look like?
  3. Is content really king?
  4. How often should I create content?
  5. Where should I start with my content marketing in 2017?
  6. How do I know what content I should create? Content for me or for my audience?
  7. How do we create great content around our email inbox like Chris Brogan and Jim Keenan my two favorite newsletters.
  8. What data should I measure when creating video and live streaming video content?
  9. What role does content have in building trust, how does that work with influencer marketing?
  10. What is the risk for posting too much content or overwhelming my users during certain times

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*No 5 minute rant segment in this episode as I feel this episode was ranty enough!

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