The Power of Public Vulnerability – Brian Fanzo on the #BKshow

I’ve had the opportunity to be a guest on over 75 podcasts in the last 2 years and I always have a great time but this podcast with Bryan Kramer might be my favorite.  On top of that you’ll hear me discuss and sharing insights that I’ve never opened up about before.  Bryan has been a good friend for a longtime and I believe that allowed for us to really go indepth on topics like, what its like being a speaker, the struggles of entrepreneurship and the power of our vulnerabilities.  Below are the show notes as well as the podcast player so you can listen to this episode.  Also make sure to subscribe to Bryan’s podcast which is available on all players or on his website here.

In This Episode:

  • The power of networking and volunteering in establishing a speaking career
  • Why taking risks on being yourself means some lost opportunities in the short-term but a long-term reward for your career
  • How an authentic and successful career as a speaker means public vulnerability
  • Why being an entrepreneur does not mean being a soloprenuer
  • Celebrating wins and avoiding burn-out
  • Why keeping your ego in check means being publicly honest with your struggles

Listen in as we discuss how vulnerability, authenticity, and honesty can pave the way for a successful and rewarding career in public speaking.

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Brian Fanzo talks fast and tweets faster. A proud, pager-wearing millennial, he is a keynote speaker and founder/CEO of iSocialFanz LLC, a social strategy consulting agency, and one of the founders of Backlamp LLC, a strategic storytelling agency.

Brian’s #ThinkLikeAFan philosophy has powered first-of-their-kind storytelling campaigns for many Fortune 50 enterprise companies leveraging Periscope, SnapChat, and Facebook Live under the username @iSocialFanz. He was awarded the Top 25 Social Business Leaders of 2014 by The Economist Intelligence Unit and was nominated for the first ever #ShortyAwards Periscoper Of The Year 2016.

Throughout his many successes, Brian has kept true to his authentic self both on and off stage. Being vulnerable in this way has not been an easy feat to accomplish but the rewards, both professionally and personally, have far outweighed the risks.

Quotes From This Episode:

“There is no easy button.” —@iSocialFanz

“We have too many people that are trying to be thought leaders without any thought.” —@iSocialFanz

“I’ve done my very best at bringing my A-game every time I’m on stage because I don’t take a single one of those for granted.” —@iSocialFanz

“If I really want to make a difference and stand out, I have to be the one thing that nobody else can’t be which is myself.” —@iSocialFanz

“Just because I can learn to do something doesn’t mean I should or shouldn’t allow somebody else to do it.” —@iSocialFanz

“If we’re not willing to set short-term wins and celebrate those wins, this journey burns you out.” —@iSocialFanz

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