Big Changes For @iSocialFanz Ahead!

Below is an email I sent out to my email subscribers about these big changes…  

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ShowucaretitleCHANGE is Happening!

As a change evangelist, I embrace change of all kinds and I’m excited to share I have some big changes happening with everything I do!

I’ve had an exciting 16 months out of the enterprise game and I can tell you it’s been a wild ride with big successes, some failures, many pivots and tons of learning. I teamed up with Daniel Newman on many adventures that sent us around the world, including launching a new chat together and a podcast. I’m truly grateful for the Daniels partnership which allowed me to learn things about entrepreneurship, business and grow as a person.

As of this week I’ve decided to leave BroadSuite as a partner to pursue other opportunities but I’m excited to continue our sponsored #Cloudtalk & SMACtalk podcast shows. Broadsuite and MillennialCEO are going to go through some drastic changes that I think will be hugely successful and I’m excited for this and wish Daniel and team all the best. Daniel & I are also working on a MEGA live streaming project with SAP that will be the largest digital disruption live streaming event you’ve seen to date so make sure to stay tuned for that news in my next newsletter.

What’s next for me…

Well I’ll be continuing to book speaking gigs around the world and help brands & leaders embrace technology change, social media and live streaming!

I’m relaunching my website this week as a home for all of my content including a new focus on speaking, consulting and training.NoLetUp_WeeklyPromo

I’m also excited to continue the #SbizHour show I’ve cohost with Rachel Miller for the last 2 years and I recently launched a new show with my mentor and friend Ted Rubin called #NoLetUp on blab Fridays at 3pm ET.

Besides my pursuit to become the new Twitter CEO or Periscope Evangelist, I’m going to continue to grow my personal brand, finish my book “A Millennial Mindset” while leveraging this new freedom to pursue new opportunities to support my wife and 3 daughters.

What I need from you?

For many I’ll be reaching out individually for recommendations and videos that I can post on my site and/or having you on my show as a guest.  If you happen to know of paid speaking opportunities or brands that need help amplifying and telling their digital story, I’d welcome all opportunities.

Holy CRAP I’m Long Winded! 

So what I’ve been trying to say in this very long email is that I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had these past 16 months to learn and grow but I’m even more excited about the future and I plan on throwing an onslaught of strategic right hooks as I move into this next chapter of my career!

Thanks so much for your friendship and please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know how I can help you!

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C2SV Oct 8 – 9 San Jose 
The C2SV Technology Conference features visionaries, entrepreneurs, authors and educators who are making a difference in our rapidly changing, technology-driven world. Space exploration, augmented reality, social media, digital convergence, the sharing economy, wearable computing and other hot topics will be discussed.

Engage 2015 Nov 2nd NYC 
At Engage we always do our best to bring some of the most iconic and celebrated brands & social media personalities. We will announce more speakers in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


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