How Authenticity Drives Audience Action!

Authenticity has become something that is harder to derive from this digital space as we build more distance and roadblocks between ourselves and the people we are actually trying to reach. The best compliment I get when I get off stage from speaking is, “You are the same person online as you are offline”. To me, that is the epitome of authenticity. It’s the idea that you are able to convey and be the person online that you are offline and you don’t separate the two.

To find yourself, think for yourself.

– Socrates

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On this episode I expand my thoughts to cover the following questions and more:

  • You make engaging with a large audience look easy, what’s your secret sauce?
  • How can partnering with influencers impact a brand’s authenticity and engagement when they are often behind a logo?
  • Where do you draw the line between being authentic and mentioning brands?
  • Are there connections between authenticity, engagement, and influence?

Authenticity doesn’t make exceptions for online vs offline so neither should you.

Make sure to checkout the interview I did with influencer marketing tool Traackr that inspired this episode’s topic here:


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