How to Attract Millennial and GenerationZ Customers

How do I attract millennial and Generation Z customers?

What do I need to change to capture the attention of the younger generation?

Our technology event has virtual reality and cool couches but the younger generation still lack interest in our events?

I hear these questions at all the events I keynote or do influencer/analyst work with and sadly the examples they give me for how brand are attempting to attract the younger generation are rather pathetic.

On this episode I discuss big events and conferences and why they must focus on invoking the “Fear Of Missing Out” not just the cool factor with events.  I recorded this episode the week of SAP’s large technology event SapphireNow where I was working with them as an analyst to help translate the noise and educate people on all the amazing things happening at SAP and at the event.

The RANT for today is targeted at the younger generation around work ethic, having a learning mindset and the value of experience in this digital megaphone world filled with fake social media thought leadership.

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