The #AskGaryVee Book Review I Wasn’t Planning On Doing!

As many of you know who follow me, when I pivoted my career many years ago, I knew I was walking into a marketing space that I wasn’t experienced in and didn’t go to college for. But I also became super successful in Cyber Security & Cloud Computing industries in my first 10 years out of college and I didn’t go to college or have jobs in those fields before either.

So when I pivoted my career I focused on telling my story, investing in my community and learning & listening to the best of the best in this space. That led me to read two books in the same month that to this day I still believe fast tracked my career years upon years! (This might sound like I’m full of crap, see the date on the tweet below) Those books were YouTility by Jay Baer & Jab Jab Jab Right Hook byGary Vaynerchuk

Check out @garyvee new blog post: DON’T BE A DICK. EVERYONE IS RELEVANT! At #SXSW I witnessed Gary not only give everyone his full attention after his keynote but when the event staff said he had to stop, he told the last 80 or so people still in line to go with him to the hallway so everyone got a chance to ask him a question & take a picture. Very cool to see my picture used in this blog post & the other screenshots are from his #Meerkat stream including almost an exact flip of the picture he used… My #ShowUcare philosophy with social & life was massively influenced by @GaryVee @ChrisBrogan @JayBaer @bryankramer1 & @TedRubin and all of them treated me like I was RELEVANT when I was just a guy pivoting his career trying to learn & pave my own path in this crazy world… Do me a favor read this blog post at but more than that show with your ACTIONS that everyone is relevant and you can and are willing to learn from every situation & person in your life! As I look back on 2015 and plan for 2016 this picture, the SXSW experience and the message Gary shares couldn’t have come at better time as motivation & inspiration to make sure my actions meet my tweets! Thanks Gary!

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So as you can imagine since discovering Gary I’ve followed, listened and attended everything he has done since 2014 and although I’m a fan, I’d also say I disagree with him on many things. Not to mention he is a JETS fan and as a Steelers fan there is no way I could profess 100% love for the guy for that reason alone.

So when I heard he was releasing a book inspired by his #AskGaryVee Video blog series, I thought to myself…

“This is genius, all those who missed all this awesome content on video or his podcast can now find it in writen form, this is up-cylcing at it’s best!” (Up-Cycling is a term I coined that mean’s creating great content & reformatting/restructuring it for other mediums and networks)

But as excited as I was for him, I was disappointed cause for those of us fans who consume and watch his content daily, this wasn’t going to be the book I had hoped for after Jab Jab Jab Right Hook!


So when my amazing friend Chef Lizette invited me to be part of “The Official #AskGaryVee Book Squad” I of course said Yes, first off because Chef Lizette is amazing and secondly because I found so much value in the #AskGaryVee video blog that it only made sense for me to promote the content. But to the surprise of many I wasn’t going over the top or amplifying the book like many might have expected not because I didn’t like the book but because I was looking for the next Gary Vaynerchuk book to teach me & inspire me!

Well after receiving my signed copy of the book (Thanks Chef Lizette) I read the book on a trip to Ireland last week and it was about page 2 of chapter 2 that I realized….

This book has more nuggets & insights that weren’t part of the video blog or that needed extra context to be valuable!

So not only was I captivated and blown away by the content but the organization of the chapters and the flow of each question made it such an easy read yet also layered in tons of valuable insights and grand thoughts about topics that are near and dear to me as an entrepreneur!

I don’t care who you are, you can find some amazing value in this book and because of its awesome layout, it will be a resource for you to use for months & years to come!

#AskGaryVee Gary Vaynerchuk Book & AudioBook Review & Book Giveaway!Special love for both Gary Vaynerchuk & Jay Baer…

Posted by Brian isocialfanz Fanzo on Tuesday, March 8, 2016