The Art of Making A Strategic ASK!

How to make an ask to get the answer you want in a digital world full of distractions and 100’s of ways to communicate?

It’s mostly common sense but I think we often forget the basics in this crazy digital world and I tried to cover some of the basics and questions I’m always asked!

  • When is the best time to get someone to do something for you?
  • What needs to be done beyond: Jab Jab Jab Right Hook!
  • How to know and remember where people prefer to be communicated with?
  • Is strategic relationship building ok and how do I make it still feel authentic?
  • What should I do during the relationship building phase to get noticed and stand-out from the noise.

I cover these questions and more on this episode and also give some love to the live facebook live audience and some friends who I think are great at doing this type of relationship building in a digital world.

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Social Selling Experts mentioned:

Jack Kowakaski

Koka Sexton

Jon Ferrara

Return on Relationships man: Ted Rubin

Ms. Digital Marketing UK Rockstar: Vikki Taylor


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