Anthony Conklin Show: Brian Fanzo Interview and review of Tony Robbins #IamNotAGuru

13662122_10154058631211997_6981628411393716565_oHad an awesome opportunity to be on Anthony Conklin’s show to expand on the Tony Robbins special as a throwback to when Anthony & Vicki had him on blab a couple months back and I had the chance to jump on air with Tony.  We discussed Tony’s new Netflix special ‪#‎IamNotAGuru‬ and it’s impact on myself and Anthony!Brian Fanzo Tony Robbins I am Not A Guru

Anthony dove into a wide variety to topics with me including my growth as a speaker and live streaming thought leader over the last couple years, importance of storytelling and personal brand and what i’m looking forward to as a speaker in the future.

Watch the short introduction video that Anthony did on his Facebook page then checkout the blab interview below as I promise it will be well worth your time.

Watch the entire interview here as it was recorded on Blab and now uploaded to YouTube:

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