40 Leaders That Have Influenced My Entrepreneur Journey

Entrepreneurship is about working for yourself not working by yourself.  Throughout my entrepreneur journey, I’ve had many ups and downs and pivoted more times than I can count. But, I’ve never once lost faith or wanted to give up thanks to the amazing community and leaders that influence me daily.  

We > Me

To build a great WE you must first be the best ME you can be, and that requires self-awareness as well as the advice and leadership of a strong core group of honest leaders.  As I analyze the origin of many of my strongest business relationships each person is extremely unique, the value they each provide me is different, and the steps taken to build the relationships is varied. My most influential relationships range from coworker turned friend to me being a fan of an author then reaching out on Twitter to mutual interests expanding to business partnerships.  

Influence comes in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds and in this latest episode of FOMOFanz I share the stories of some of those unique relationships highlighting a handful from the 40 leaders listed below.  

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In this episode I discuss the following paths to influence:

  • Social media manager with passion to friend: Vincent Orleck
  • Big name but never too big to show they care: Ray Wang & Vala Afshar
  • Business badass without others realizing it: Jess Ostroff
  • Community investor discovered via live video: Chris Strub
  • Follower to business partner to friend: Daniel Newman
  • Peers linked by life similarities: Ahna Hendrix
  • Age doesn’t matter: Caleb Maddix
  • Community and social good Evangelist: Tim McDonald
  • Authors and thought leaders who practice what they preach: Marcus Sheridan, Jay Baer & Gary Vaynerchuk

40 Business Leaders Who Influence Me

Chelsea Krost – Community Creator, Energetic Speaker, Millennial powerhouse inspiring millennials before it was cool and everyday since.

Robert Scoble – Technology Evangelist, Transparent Leader, Inspiration for my career and inspiring proud geeks daily with each Google glass shower pic.

Vala Afshar – Chief Evangelist Officer at Salesforce, Enthusiastic Social Media Executive, Prolific on Twitter and interviewing others as a disruptor in technology and marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Entrepreneur, Leader, Hustler that backs it up.

Jay Baer – Leader, Speaker, YouTility author and great resource as a friend and mentor as he practices what he preaches and inspires through his actions.

Marcus Sheridan – Passionate Leader, Speaker, They Ask You Answer author, content creator that conveys his passion for his family and life in everything he does.

Daniel Newman – Business Leader, Social Selling Master, 4-time author that I love to talk SMAC with!

Ted Rubin – Fun Loving Leader, Return on Relationship Mentor, Be Good To People in life with #NoLetUp.

Tamara McCleary – Futurist, Passionate and Vibrant for every person she meets, Beautiful human.

Scott Stratten – Speaker, Community builder, Man-bun wearing Canadian that lives every day proud of exactly who he is.

Chris Brogan – Visionary, Master of social before it was cool, Leader charting his own path empowering my inner freak.

Lizza Monet – Hustler, Creator, Community builder with love and passion for us LoveBugs.

Ahna Hendrix – Zen Leader, Fun loving creator, ADHD powered passionate entrepreneur.

Amy Schmittauer – YouTube Master, Impactful Speaker, Author of VLogBoss she is a true video boss.

Ray Wang – Visionary, Analyst of the future, Twitter power user no matter what country or state he is in.

Amber Armstrong – Brand Change Agent, Determined leader, Powerful leader climbing the corporate ladder while building strong relationships along the way.

Jess Ostroff – Badass Entrepreneur, Voice, and energy behind many great leaders, Preventer of panic and time manager doing it with a smile and glass of wine.

Chris Strub – NonProfit Storyteller, Friendly kind human that leads with his heart, He takes risks and goes on adventures, but everything he does is about celebrating others.

Tom Ciszek – Twitter Data Geek, Coolest Scientist that I know, Bow-tie wearing corporate leader that I know can be successful in anything he would ever want to do.

Nick Cicero

Nick Cicero – Fearless Entrepreneur, Leader who does it his way, hardcore hustler that takes each pivot as another opportunity to go all-in.

Christin Kardos – Community Social Manager Leader, Genuine master of all, the only thing she loves more than community is her biker life.

Virginia Kastilio – Dramatic Storyteller, Master Creator with social and business experience, Amazing transparent, fun loving and provocative snapchat storyteller.

Brian Solis – Analyst of the future, Innovative speaker, Champagne drinking fun-loving leader that makes everyone around him feel important and want to drink bubbly with him.

Victoria Taylor – Digital Entrepreneur, U.K. charismatic, smart marketer, She loves what she does and each time you work with her makes you want to work with her more.

Sunny Lenarduzzi – Boss Lady, Fun loving master of all types of video, knows what works for her while not allowing others to distract her from being the best boss she can be!

Tim McDonald – Community Evangelist, Passionate leader for amazing social causes, Taught me the value of community and he transparently shares himself to help his communities grow in amazing ways.

Scott Monty – Brand Social Media Visionary, Dynamic, insightful storytelling leader, no matter what he does, he does it with elegance and a bow tie.

John Furrier – Silicon Valley Visionary, Dynamic Energized Interviewer, has interviewed more people at more events than anyone else but still gives each 100% and never shies away from the tough topics or questions.

Tim Crawford – Executive Advisor, Technology visionary, Works with the biggest brands and leaders in the world but treats even the smallest of us with as much care and focus.

Sandy Carter – Executive Technology Leader, Evangelist for women in tech, Sandy is social, caring and breaks down walls with each industry she focuses on.

Caleb Maddix – Young Entrepreneur, Creative hustler, His age isn’t an excuse or the reason for his success, it’s his passion, vision, and collaboration with his Dad.

David Meerman Scott – Dynamic Speaker, Marketing Pioneer, Linking sales and marketing with unique approaches on and off stage inspiring change daily.

Hines Ward – Pittsburgh Steelers best WR of all-time, Super Bowl MVP, Life is easier when you smile, and Hines smile lights up the screen now like it did on the football field.

Bryan Kramer – Cool Human, Fun loving Author and speaker, Although he spells his name wrong, Bryan is an awesome human who overcomes being a massive introvert to inspire and motivate alongside his amazing wife.

Jim Keenan – Sales Leader, Dynamic results-driven entrepreneur, Jim’s passion and love for red shirts as well as being an in your face sales leader is only matched by his love for being a Dad of 3 girls.

Carlos Gil – Snapchat Speaker, Brand social media strategist, Carlos is passionate and walks to his own beat, but when you meet him offline you realize only thing bigger than his hustle is his heart.

Shaquille O’Neal – NBA Basketball Star, Fun loving outspoken human, Success on the court didn’t stop Shaq from accomplishing other goals while always being true to who he is.

Taylor Swift – Singer Songwriting Creator, Disruptor of Music Industry status quo, when the music industry zags she zigs always finding unique ways to reward her fans and invest in her global community.

Ursula Ringham – Brand Social Strategist, SAP Change Agent, Ursula’s big brand background doesn’t stop her from finding ways to innovate and drive change in every way she can dream up.

Vincent Orleck – Social Media Manager, Arizona Marketing Leader, He loves social but loves seeing people succeed and will do anything to support a friend without hesitation.

–Not listed are my amazing team members, my family and my 3 daughters who influence me daily are the reason I’m so driven to make each day better than the last. 

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