10 Books I read that transformed the way I live social! #ShowUcare @Slideshare

This was inspired by comments & questions I received after being placed on the TOP 50 Digital Marketers RT in 2014.. 
I call my social strategy “#ShowUcare Social” & this list of books is part of step 1.. Which I posted to Linkedin: Social Tips: Listen & Learn from the Best & Be Yourself! #ShowUcare The book on each slide is hyperlinked to the authors home page as I recommend reading all 10! 
Social is my passion because I LOVE PEOPLE.. 
So with that being said STEP 1 of “#ShowUcare Social” is 
Learn & Listen to those who are Living Social not just talking about it.. 
There are lots of great books out there but there are also too many books written by people that realized writing and talking about social was a good way to get money since it was such an immature medium yet they themselves don’t live or do social like they are telling you to do… 

I believe for brands and social employees to truly connect and embrace the power of social they must first have a great team, a great culture and a strategy for strong communication. So I believe a good mix is required from Leadership to Culture to Social Business to Content Management to Communication to Social Media. 

Here are the books that I recommend because not only did I learn from reading the books but I learn from engaging and collaborating with these leaders on a daily basis!