If I Were 22: I’d follow my passion to find my purpose! | LinkedIn

♫ I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R’ Us kid. 
A million toys to choose from, that I can play with. ♬ 
♪ From bikes to trikes and video games, 
its the biggest toy stor there is. GEE WIZ! 
♫ I don’t wanna grow up, cuz baby if I did…. 
I wouldn’t be a toys r’ us kid! ♫ ♬♩♪♪….

Is there anything in life better than being a child?

As a Dad of 3 daughters (Chloe 4, Kinsley 3, Logan 4mo) the joy, the innocents, the pure utter happiness is breath taking and a great reminder for me of what is important in life!

But once you become too old to sing the Toy’s R Us song the world starts asking you questions about life and your purpose:

What are you going to be when you grow up?
What college are you going too?
What is your major?
What is your plan after college?
When are you getting married?
How many kids will you have?
Where will you live?

But once you enter the real world you are quickly taught that nothing is as it seems and that the only thing that is guaranteed is change.

My parents asked me all these same questions but they also instilled in me the importance of being who I was and to not let anyone change me.

My career has been a roller coaster from a UPS driver, help desk admin, cyber security trainer, DOD training manager, datacenter software trainer, director of social business and today my official title is Social Technology Evangelist!

The first 10 years in the real world I was blessed to have amazing mentors and managers that went out of their way to promote my value while teaching me career lessons. Not until recently did I understand the difference between being passionate for the work I was doing and discovering your purpose is what your passionate about!

The path that led me to where I am today was something I wouldn’t change for the world but I without question will teach my daughters that….