Love Facebook Live Streaming BUT it’s NOT Competition for Periscope!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.17.52 AMFacebook Mentions rolled out a couple months ago with live streaming for those with verified accounts

This past week Facebook Live was announced bringing Facebook live streaming to the masses via the native iOS Facebook App. Well I got access to Facebook Live today and LOVED my first stream which you can read here!

But before people jump on the bandwagon and start calling this the periscope killer I think we need to break down the differences between facebook reach/engagement and twitter reach/engagement. I decided to make it a fair fight and stream on both Periscope & Facebook Live about this topic and more which you can watch below. Also make sure to check out my newest blog post: 2015 Was the Year of Live Streaming, Not 2016! where I breakdown the exciting year we had in the live streaming space.

Love to hear your thoughts on the comparison and use cases that I explain in the video below. As always feel free to check out all of my resources, keynotes and live streaming gadgets at: ThinkLikeAFan.Video.

Facebook Live: